Nursing students have better chances of job placement then students arriving from general educational background. People of this country are getting more health conscious now a days. Besides the formation of government hospitals many private hospitals are being constructed to cope with the emerging numbers of health conscious & health distress population. Today Bangladesh has 71,369 registered nurses among whom, 37239 are working in different government hospitals and others are placed in different non-government health sectors- Clinical hospital, NGOs, Defense and industrial private organization or have moved abroad. 

Every day the requirement of qualified nurses are increasing. In today’s Bangladeshi context, there is a requirement of approx. 2, 50,000 nurses and in next five years, the number will increase into approx. 5, 00,000 (5 lacks).After courses are completed from Daffodil Nursing College, we are giving chance in our own hospital(Amar Hospital, Dhanmondi, Dhaka) for job. The qualified nurses are demanded for international job placements as well. Each year, a huge number of qualified nurses are moving abroad and earning foreign currencies by respective services.